Lawrence mask instructions

Masks work best when they fit snugly and comfortably. If you have ordered a mask from me, this guide will help you get a great fit. If you have any trouble, please drop me a line at or find me on Instagram or Twitter: @notthatkate or message me through my Facebook:

Step 1

Slide an unfolded paperclip (provided) into the pocket at the nose bridge.

Step 2

Put the mask up to your face and adjust the nose clip.

Step 3

Find where the ear straps need to be tied – pinch the two ends together behind your ear where the elastic feels comfortable. Take the mask off and tie an overhand knot using both ends where you’ve pinched it together (how-to: Repeat on other side. Snip loose ends off, leaving about 1cm of tail. Guide the knot into the fabric channel to get it out of the way (optional).

Step 4 (optional)

If your mask is too snug around your chin after you’ve adjusted everything, you can easily (but carefully) remove the pleats along the jawline with a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper.

image of the inside of a mask with a seam ripper and small pair of scissors showing the location of the stitches that can be removed, if needed, to adjust fit.

Help! It still doesn’t fit!!

Get in touch with me through any of the channels listed above and we will figure out what went wrong, and I will make it right.

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