Getting to Know my Misfit Fitness Tracker (1)

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For Christmas this year, my wonderful and loving mother and stepfather bought me a fitness tracker. I had done some research. I have tried some different trackers over the years and tried on and played with even more. I’m a picky tracker-user.

Misfit’s Shine 2 seems to tick all the important boxes. My main peeve is that I’m not huge on wearing things on my wrist, if I can avoid to. I am the same way with socks, TBH. My Misfit came with a wrist-band and clip, so I can stick it on my bra to do it’s thing. I know it isn’t accurate and all that, but TBH I am not concerned with accuracy, I am much more interested in seeing my trends.

I like that I can choose not to do anything with my weight. I did tell it my approximate weight, for accuracy’s sake, but I was able to set my “weight goal” at no change.

I am not tracking my food at the moment, as in the past it has triggered unhealthy behaviour. I am open to possibly needing to do it down the road as a part of my mindful eating journey. There is no need or app-pressure to track food or water. It does, however, have a movement reminder feature which I love – especially when I am sewing or writing and lose track of how long I have been sitting.

I have a dodgy back and if I sit for too long one day, it can screw up my whole week. Another thing that messes up my flow is sleeping poorly/not enough/too much. My lifestyle allows for quite a lot of freedom to do things as and when inspiration strikes. I am a homebody and prefer to host visitors than go out. My kids have sleep-style phases that I am always trying to do my best to work with/ensure everyone has access to what they need. They will be going through puberty here for a number of years and all kinds of sleep patterns are considered normal during this time. My job as mother is changing and as I am able to slip back into my own unique sleep patterns, I want to be sure I am getting a good amount, consistently.

One drawback to the sleep tracking is wearing the sensor. I put it on my wrist, but I keep taking it off in my sleep (I told you, I don’t like wearing things on my wrist) – so the data is only an approximation. Again, though, I suspect I will be able to track trends.

The one thing I didn’t expect to like as much as I do is the clock feature – it’s such a tiny thing and I am never far from a clock thanks to living in 2019, but I love it. It is simple and understated. It is easy to understand the minute you know what the lights mean.

On my Shine 2, the reference lights are white, the hour light green and the minute light is flashing purple. It feels like something from an old sci fi movie with random lights that I understand.

I am not all puppies and kittens about it though. I have read reviews about it falling out of the clip and getting lost. I don’t go out much, so if I did drop it, it would turn up eventually… but at the size of a £2 coin – I can imagine it wouldn’t be easy to find.

When going out, I will generally wear it turned so it it comes unclipped, it will fall into my bra and will also just do my best not to drop it.

I can’t speak to the battery life or water-resistance, yet. I do plan to take it to the pool though in 2019!


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2 thoughts on “Getting to Know my Misfit Fitness Tracker (1)”

  1. Interesting- I hate my Fitbit and have to really struggle to use it. I too have unhealthy food issues and am looking just for a fitness and not a weight thing. Not to say I wouldn’t like to lose some; I’m just wary of the inevitable obsession that results from every diet I have ever tried x

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    1. My only concern right now is that the battery on this is already showing low. It takes button cells, and came with one, so once I replace it I am hoping that I can get more than one month out of it between replacements.

      The food/exercise obsession is a real threat and one very hard to avoid (one day I’m going to count the diet/weight loss messages I see in normal life – I don’t think we are at all conscious of how ubiquitous they are).


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